"Izzy" Short Film

A film by Kelly Smith about a personal story of lost, love and family. Creating storyboard in Storyboard Pro. 

"My Pet Venus" Short Film


Directed a film about a little girl that goes to a public garden with her mother and buys a Venus Fly Trap. Developed stroyboards in Stroyboard Pro.

"Box Castle" Short Comic


Created  a short comic about two sisters and a cardboard castle. Designed characters and props in Photoshop. 

"Enongo" Film


© 2020 Kevin Schreck Productions 



"Box Castle" Layout

"Hall Monitor" Layout

Storyboards for scene six of Enongos graduation scene. Communicated with the director to develop storyboards and created in Storyboard Pro.

"Switch-Me-Aroo" Commercial Pitch


I collaborated with six people to make a 30 second commercial pitch. I was in charge of the animatic. We took and

ordinary foot scale and re-purposed the idea into a body switching toy for kids. Created in Storyboard Pro

© 2020 by Ariel Paxton