"Tea Time" Short Animation


Created a short personal animation about a little girl having a team party with her stuffed animal. Developed in Storyboard Pro.

"My Pet Venus" Short Film


Directed a film about a little girl that goes to a public garden with her mother and buys a Venus Fly Trap. Developed stroyboards in Stroyboard Pro.

"Izzy" Short Film

A film by Kelly Smith about a personal story of lost, love and family. Creating storyboard in Storyboard Pro. 

"Enongo" Film


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Storyboards for graduation scene I worked on. Communicated with the director to develop storyboards and created in Storyboard Pro.

"Switch-Me-Aroo" Commercial Pitch

I collaborated with six people to make a 30-second commercial pitch. I was in charge of the animatic. We took an ordinary foot scale and re-purposed the idea into a body-switching toy for kids. Created in Storyboard Pro.

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